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Cover courtesy of Julian LaVerdiere, from The Lost Cornerstone Project.

Confirmed Regular Contributors:
Harry Allen, Howard Bloom, Alex Burns, Erik Davis, Paul DeFillippo, Samuel Delaney, M.P. Dunleay, William Gibson, Michael Gira, Jaron Lanier, Peter Lunenfeld, Greil Marcus, Richard Metzger, Charles Muded, Jack O'Connell, Genesis P. Orridge, Richard Powers, Ishmael Reed, Andrew Ross, Rudy Rucker, Douglas Rushkoff, R.U. Sirius, Yukiko Shikata, Bruce Sterling, McKenzie Wark, Margaret Wertheim.

Special thanks to the
European Graduate School Media and Communication Studies Program for their continued support.

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About 21C:

Imagine a new magazine that dazzles with both its visual appearance and its intelligence; a first issue with award-winning writing and design.

Imagine a 'hip' Harpers with amazing photography or a youthful New Yorker with stunning graphics and a modem. A forum for vanguard criticism, literary journalism and trendsetting design, 21C will be the late-night reading of extreme thinkers everywhere - intellectual thrillseekers who savor the vertigo that comes from leaning too far over the edge of the cultural abyss.

We are proposing the relaunch of the successful Australian magazine 21C. A 'new' magazine that will range across almost all forms of creativity and popular culture with a careful blend of intelligence, entertainment and humor. 21C will be cyber-savvy without speaking exclusively to nerds, art-aware without postmodern lingo. It will cover cinema and celebrity without relying on Hollywood spin-doctoring and consider such mediums as comics as seriously as novels. It will be on the edge, asking questions rather than rewriting publicity hand-outs.

21C is that magazine: A stunningly designed showcase for idea-driven writing about visionary thinkers, trendsetters and new, new things – the people, trends and ideas at the cultural cutting edge. 21C will be inspiring and innovative as early Wired; stylish and smart as the new New Yorker; edgy as Disinformation or Juxtapoz; ferociously funny as The Onion or Suck; and arresting as the original 21C or World Art, seducing the eye with bold visuals and design that is at once radical and readable. Overall, 21C will be attractive but tough, commercial but questioning, readable but intelligent, smart yet accessible.

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